Monitor an keep your premises
safe with our professional


Control Room and Field Integrated

Protect your Mining Field

All Trucks Connected


Explosion Proof

For any environment

Wireless Connectivity

Integrated with antenna and 4G LTE

High Quality Images

1080P with Nightvision

Optical Zoom

Up to 20x Optical Zoom

The solution comes with a bundle: equipment and software to maximize the security and help your team to see beyond.
The size of the cameras are the same as your pipes with the easiest connectivity available in the market, including
900MHz Antenna and 4G LTE, without the need of cables.

The quality of the image is perfect, with 1080p resolution that will show you exactly what you need even at night or in
dark location. If you need more detail, don`t worry, you have the 18x Optical Zoom to help your team.

Increase the safety of your team




Premium Warranty

We offer 3 year extended warranty,
meaning that no matter what,
Acura will be your best partner.

Explosion Proof

Our solution is perfect for any
environment, even those with high
risk of explosion.


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Virtual Fence

Fire and Smoke Detection

When the camera notices something that was in view is no longer in view, a warning will be generated instantly.

The technology can create a virtual fence to detect any movement into the selected area you want to protect.

Enhance the safety of your team with our solution. If anything happens, the system will send you a warning.

Following Object

Left Object

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Our system can track all the movements around the camera sight, your team can customize different warnings.

In order to detect in real-time any suspicious objects that are added to or removed from an area under observation.

With the reading and identification system, will be easier to locate vehicles of interest and enforce parking restrictions.

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