Acura Embedded Systems

Why Acura ?

Acura Embedded - Sales TeamAcura Embedded Systems has a long standing history of manufacturing high performance mobile computers and monitors for industry specific applications. Our rigorous testing standards and manufacturing processes make Acura Embedded System’s products among the most reliable in the industry. Additionally, manufacturing and assembly is done in North America meaning that we can have direct control over the manufacturing process as well as provide factory service and support easily to all of our North American customers. This same level of service and support is available to our international customers through the Acura Embedded Systems dealer networks in Australia and the UK. 
In addition to our product quality and responsive service, the Acura Embedded Systems team has many years experience in mobile computing applications and come from various backgrounds including radio infrastructure, fire apparatus manufacturing, industrial automation and process control, fire prevention and suppression, computer engineering, and vehicular mobile computer installation. This varied organizational experience allows Acura Embedded Systems to be very flexible in providing solutions to anyone that requires mobile computing in less than ideal environments. 
Since 1994 we have made it our mission to assist businesses, communities, and first responders by providing the best possible rugged and reliable computing solutions to help you, our clients, connect to the applications that you need to grow your businesses, make your communities safer, and protect life and property.