Wayne Schnitzler
Fire Chief
Wet Kelowna Fire Rescue
West Kelowna, BC

“We at West Kelowna Fire Rescue have been buying Acura Embedded Systems’ computers for a great deal of time. We now have multiple systems installed in various fire trucks in our department and have received only the highest quality of products, service, and support from Acura Embedded. These systems continue to improve our responsiveness system in our constant task of fighting dangerous fires, and protecting West Kelowna. As a fire department that is accountable to our community it is important to us that we know we are investing West Kelowna’s tax dollars wisely. Acura Embedded Systems allows us to remain confident that we are doing that as their mobile computing solution is effective and offers long term cost savings through durability, flexibility, and upgradeability. West Kelowna Fire Rescue stands behind this product and highly recommends their system to others in the emergency services industry and to any other industry that needs a rugged mobile computing solution. We plan on continuing our long standing relationship with Acura Embedded Systems and wish them the best in their future growth.”

Saloo Durrani
Senior Systems Support Analyst
Terminal Systems Inc. (TSI)
Deltaport, Delta, BC

“This letter is to certify that we have been using ACURA Embedded Industrial computers for the past three years. We have found their quality control standards and their service to be very satisfactory. Due to our continuously changing technology and upgrades to our highly state-of the-art systems, ACURA Embedded Systems has had to be very flexible and work closely with us to accommodate our requirements in designing and configuration of their industrial computers. TSI is a terminal operator company that runs two container terminals and a cruise terminal for the Port of Vancouver. We needed a local manufacturer to work with us in designing and manufacturing industrial computers to our specifications. These computers had to be able to with stand not only the harsh environment but should also be able to run with different kind of power sources and work on various radio protocols. ACURA people worked closely with us, understood our requirements and delivered products that were able to take whatever was thrown at them. Currently most of our mobile trucks, yard cranes and gantry cranes are equipped with ACURA computers and we are happy with their performance. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company who is looking for a highly efficient and dependable computer hardware manufacturer.”

A. John Vandermaar
High Voltage Laboratory
Powertech Engineering Labs
Surrey, BC

“It gives me pleasure to bring on record the wonderful experience wa at Powertech Labs had when working with Acura Embeddded Systems on CORONA Imaging Project. The purpose of the Corona Imaging Project was to develop technology that can help us locate problems in power lines and substations. Successful completion of the CORONA project would provide an excellent tool to ensure the safety of power lines and high voltage susbstation equipment and to help eliminate wastage. To successfully carry out the project, we required specialized computer hardware that had to be light in weight, rugged in function, and high performance in processing, capable of mergin two seperate video streams in real time and processing the same. We kept looking for such systems all around for more than a year without any breakthrough. Acura responded to our needs and developed suitable hardware customized to our peculiar requirements in a very short period of time. We appreciate the time and effort spent by the Acura team and the contribution they made in the success of the CORONA project and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.”