Acura Embedded Systems

PowerBrick4.0 & 4.0CV

Acura Embedded offers quality and technologically advanced computer solutions for rugged use. We offer quality and standard products to our clients in divergent sectors like defence, fire department, police department; for industrial automation etc.

Present Model of AcuraEmbedded's PowerBrickPowerBrick 4.0

Rugged Mobile Data Terminal

The small footprint PowerBrick Mobile computer (MDC) is designed for reliable operation in harsh mobile and stationary industrial environments. Specially designed for Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services.

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PowerBrick 4.0-CV-FrontPowerBrick 4.0 CV

Four Channel Digital Video Recorder

The Powerbrick 4.0 CV system offers outstanding computing power, similar to a desktop system, while at the same time acting as a tool for incident and evidentiary documentation, surveillance, and training.

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