Acura Embedded Systems

Mobile Data Terminal

Acura MDT series are all-in-one Mobile Data Terminal perfectly mounted to forklifts, trucks, and inventory pickers.  From inventory management to order fulfillment, asset tracking, shipping and receiving, the warehouse floor is the complex ecosystem that requires high-efficiency technology to keep it running smoothly. Acura Embedded's rugged vehicle-mount computers, designed to fit seamlessly into forklifts and other warehouse vehicles, will help minimize errors, streamline ordering and inventory management, and improve operational efficiencies.



CPU: Freescale iMX6, 2GB RAM, WinCE7.0/ Android 5.1.1/Linux D8.0

9.7″ 4:3 LCD Standard Brightness: 350 Nits, 900:1, Res1024x768
CE, FCC, IP64 Front Panel, Opt.Temp: -20~60°C


CPU: NXP iMX6, 2GB RAM, WinCE 7.0/ Android 5.1.1/Linux D8.0

7″ 16:9 LCD Standard Brightness: 450 Nits, 500:1; Res:800×480
CE, FCC, IP64 Front Panel, Opt. Temp: -20~60°C