Acura Embedded Systems

MDT in Mining and Metallurgy industries


MDT for Transportation ServicesBuilt on over two decades of design for harsh environments and millions of proven field hours, Acura Embedded Systems' PowerBrick series products -ready rugged computing platforms set the new benchmark in reliability for critical safety and productivity mining applications.The open-architecture modularity gives our mining customers considerable flexibility to choose from a range of RF, GPS and hardware interfaces that best suit their individual needs.

Acura Embedded Systems' customers can deploy their choice of third party software applications, wireless technologies and interfaces into a single platform without having to undertake a myriad of upgrades to equipment and networks.  This reduces deployment costs and maintenance requirements while increasing safety and efficiency, improving reliability and reduction of technology clutter.

Mining equipment constantly challenges hardware by exposing the units to the roughest collection of environments on the planet. Vibration, dust, extreme heat and cold are constantly thrown at mining equipment. So, Acura's PowerBrick rugged computers and monitors focus on keeping the delicate, sensitive communications and tracking components safe. 

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  Acura-Embedded-PowerBrick ATOM

PowerBrick ATOM 5.0 

Acura-Embedded-AcuBrite       ACUBRITE 15
IP65-AcuBrite19-Nav Monitor AcuBrite17-NAV