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  • Increase your Revenues with Digital Dispatch System


Every department whether it is customer service or sales look for more productivity. The latest technology integrates all the operations such as inventory management, logistics, and sales to increase the overall efficiency of all the departments. The advanced technology of digital dispatch system makes it possible to achieve higher productivity.

Acura Embedded Systems offers innovative and advanced computing solutions for a variety of applications in the security and commercial sectors, such as law enforcement, public transportation,retails and shopping malls as well as small scale industries where sales is a critical function. Our state-of-art design coupled with the latest technology offers huge cost benefits to the organizations. Whether a client is interested in buying mobile surveillance unit to keep a tab on all the operations and reduce the risks of theft or wants to have digital dispatch system, we can provide customized solutions that are specific to a particular sector. Our cutting-edge technology extends various benefits to our clients including.

  • Mobile Surveillance System Improve quality of work


Acura Embedded Systems have helped many commercial organizations cut down their labor costs and increase the quality of the product by using the advanced mobile surveillance unit that keeps the wastage in check. The implementation of the latest technology such as digital dispatch system ensures speedy and accurate product output and this leads to better quality of output.

Digital Dispatch System help in Cost Control

Every business whether a small retail store or large mall wants to cut down the costs in the best possible manner. With our reliable computers, it is easier for managers to bring down the labor and production costs. Our systems are designed to provide instant access to critical information and integrating all the functions. Our digital dispatch systems are efficient in dispatch tracking and have proved instrumental in saving millions of dollars for our clients.

Digital Dispatch Systems Boost Sales

Our clients rely heavily on the commercial application of mobile computers and digital dispatch systems for improving upon their overall proficiency. We also provide divergent computers and highly custom-made personal systems to ensure better management of resources and manage supply chain systems as well. A wide array of computers and touchscreen products has improved the quality as well as reduced the cost of production. This results in meeting the increasing demands of their customers.

    AcuPath Dispatch Solution

A Dispatch and Navigation Software Solution  

Rugged Computers Offer High Uptime

For commercial organizations including retail stores and malls, it is important to have no downtime as the valuable information can be accessed if the systems are up and running. Therefore, our computing solutions offer reliable services even in the harshest conditions such as heat, moisture, and cold temperature

Integrated Solutions for Commercial Sector

Acura Embedded Systems is your complete solution provider. So, apart from the standard product, you can order customized solutions according to the size of your business. Whether you have a need an advanced and sophisticated mobile surveillance system or digital dispatch system, there is a wide range of computing solutions available. Depending on the application, a customer can choose the type and size of the touch screen monitor, a mounting solution designed for the commercial computer systems, and the additional features demanded by the customer.

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