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As a pioneer in providing rugged computing solutions & industrial LCD monitors for fire/Police/EMS departments, we have helped these departments by creating advanced mobile data terminal solutions that meet their specific needs. Our systems are designed to resist heat, moisture, and vibration whether you need rugged computer for use in vehicles or you want to use it for emergency operations.
In hazardous environment, most of resources industrial equip-ments face many challenges.We understand many conventional rugged PCs cannot withstand shock and vibration in a moving vehicle,but our mobile solutions are highly efficient and are built to perform in uneven and rough conditions such as extreme hot or cold temperatures and shock, vibration, dust and moisture.
Acura Embedded Systems has served the needs of military industry by offering computing solutions that help soldiers ensure civilian safety. Also,our rugged computer with surviellance feature meets various military and security standards to perform in emergency situations and harsh conditions such as extreme heat, cold, moisture, vibration etc.
We design and manufacture industrial and rugged computers for meeting the demands of commercial businesses as well as heavy industries such as docking vechiles and public transportation. Our industrial computers are designed to meet the large and small scale mobile computing solutions for a variety of applications. Acura Embedded Systems has designed rugged systems that perform efficiently and last longer in both the fixed and mobile environments.
Option of one,three or five years Warranty Plan is avaliable

Acura Embedded Systems Inc.offers integrated solutions that     give our customers the power of connectivity,simplicity and inter-operability. Our low cost upgrades have helped many clients reduce huge costs. We also offer one , three or five years warranty plan on our products.

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