Acura Embedded Systems

About Us

rugged computersWhere we come from?

Acura Embedded systems is a designer and manufacturer of ruggedized computers, touch screen and Digital Video recorder for use by commercial business, heavy industries like Oil-Gas, Mining , First responders and Military. We began manufacturing our first mobile computers in 1994 for use in industrial automation and soon moved on to large-scale implementation for port automation, First responders like fire, police and ambulance applications. Due to increased demand for rugged computers and panel mount computers for hazard location in Oil-Gas and Mining, we developed and certified our Panel Mount computers for Hazard location computers and Digital Video recorder.

For last 5 years, we designed DVR systems and applications for specialized surveillance system for Oil-Rig, fracturing Trucks and mining equipment.

What do we do?

As a complete solution provider, we are advocates for interoperability, connectivity, and simplicity. This is why all of our products are designed to be used as an open platform; meaning that we use all industry standard connections so you can integrate other old and technology pieces of hardware without having to worry about proprietary connections. To further this we are always seeking out opportunities to partner up with like-minded business and ideas to try and provide most complete innovative solutions for our customers.

Who we are?

As with any company, our greatest strength is our team. We employ a diverse group of individuals with many years of experience in mobile computing  and heavy duty applications that come from various backgrounds including communication, surveillance, industrial automation, hazard location computing solutions for Oil-Gas, Mining, and First responders.

Where to find us?

Acura Embedded Systems manufacturing is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia Canada with sales and service centers in US, UK, South America, South Asia. To find a local dealer or service center, please contact us at either our toll-free number 1-866-502-9666 or Email us at